Hello! I am happy to welcome you on a website devoted to my favourite dog!

My name is Svetlana. We live in a town Odessa - "the pearl by the sea". I want to tell you a history of my dog – how he appeared in our family.

Well, for a start, Zorro was my first dog. I haven’t had any dogs before. And here – I was “ready”. I decided that it certainly will be a big and beautiful dog, by all means sleek-haired and not dribbling. Having wandered over Internet, I saw Rhodesian Ridgeback! And I understood that I want just this breed. You can see grace, elegance, beauty, mind, cunning, confidence in its uniqueness. I have visited many websites and said my husband about my decision. But! How long do people wait for promised? You are right! Promises are like piecrust, made to be broken. I had Zorro only 3 years later. All this time my relatives dissuaded me in every possible way. They said that it is an unknown breed, and it is not clear what it is with its mentality, and a hunter does not mean a security guard, etc.

3 Dobermann pinchers lived in our house at that time. These dogs moved to us together with the grandmother of my husband. They were already aged. Time went and when I stayed alone, the question about a dog arose again.

Generally, I was dissuaded long, but without results. It did not help. How then they searched for “the best puppy” in Moscow – it is another history. My husband did do – I must thank him for helping. And all happened. In August 2007 from Moscow by plane Zorro Aresvuma Zulu Zuka arrived. In translation from Swahili “Zulu Zuka” means “Admirable, stunning” – there are no more better words about my Zorro!!! Well, it is love! My Zorro is faithful, kind and loving dog and he has playful temper.

I should say that I have luck both with Zorro, and with nursery Aresvuma, and with extremely honest factory owner with a capital O Malinnikova Svetlana and we name her “our Moscow mum”. If I have some questions, I apply to Svetlana. And she always helps, supports and understands me.

From all my fears no one proved to be true. But, I should note, that genetically put positive qualities of a dog are still not all. Much depends on education and attitude to a dog. Ridgebacks grow up late. Zorro began to protect himself and his owner, when he was about two years old.

And also I want to notice, that if you mean to have Rhodesian Ridgeback, be ready for permanent attention of people. Because I did not see indifferent people. I saw frightened, guarded, admired, stunned, interested in, but I did not see indifferent people!