Offered for sale grandchildren and great-grandchildren of my Zorro. Puppies were born by linebreeding to Aresvuma Zulu Zuka. The matting took place between one of the most titled son of Zorro - Abimbola-Mozi and wondeful granddaughter of Zorro - Amini Bingwa Dada for Spiritus Pratum. In consequence of this 27.08.2016 were born 12 wonderful puppies - 7 boys and 5 girls. 10 pups are show class and 2 are pets (ridgeless). Some of them are still looking for their very best families to give their new parents the great emotions and victory in show rings.
Parents of the puppies have all genetic and clinic health tests.
More information http://spirituspratum.com.ua/en/

8 of September in Switzerland was born 14 litter from Zorro-8 wonderful puppies-4 males and 4 femals

The mother of litter-beautiful Hidaya Eyssel Hoeve.

More informations www.of-muna.ch/

We look forward to children in Switzerland of Zorro!
Pregnancy is confirmed!

Winner and Prizewinner ratings show results of Zorro by version of the Almanac Rhodesian Ridgeback (Russia):

Great news from EDS 2013(Switzerland)!
Three sons of my Zorro (Aresvuma Zulu Zuka) on EDS 2013:
Aresvuma Ha Shah -Winner Champion Class !
Rhodesian Pearl Aragorn Azulu-Winner Open Class. R.CACIB. Vice-Champion EDS 2013!!!
Rhodesian Pearl Brandon Baterfly-exellent in Intermedia class.
Congratulations to the breeders Svetlana Malinnikova, Svitlana Kuzovkova and owners Jose Antonio Ballesteros, Royhman Yakov and Ella Gorova and handlers Anastasia Kharitonova and Svetlana Krezub!
I am so proud!

13 litter Zorro in Germany!

on April 13, was born litter from Zorro in the Netherlands!
Mother of puppies extraordinary
Yaw Adyuba Amaziah Montsho Phenyo PHENYO
Mating was frozen sperm.
In a litter of 2 boys and 3 girls.
More information can be found on the website of breeder

On January, 13th 11th litter from my Zorro was born! In a litter 14 puppies-7 boys and 7 girls!

On July,23th Zorro in the tens time become the daddy!
See more information on page "Puppies"...

26 of May Zorro was 4th birthday!
Happy Birthday, my dear friend!

This weekend(11-12.12.2010) we travelled to the main Show of Ukraine "FCI-CACIB Crystal Cup 2010" to take part in the year-end results special show - Championship of Champions. This show is used to be judged by 3 judges in a way of common decision. Zorro won BIG-1. Thank a lot to judges Mr.Aleksandrov (UA), Mrs. Rossier (CH) and Mr. Sanchez Fernandez (S) who made their choice for Zorro and to all who sincerely rooted for Zorro!!

27-28.11.2010 Budapest, Zorro got 2 CAC, 2 CACIB, 2 BOB, 2 BIG, Candidate to Hungarian Champion!
4.12.2010, Wels, Zorro got CAC (Champion class), R.CACIB, Candidate to Austrian Champion!

On Evrodogshou 2010 Zorro became the Champion of Europe 2010 (BOB) and the Champion of Slovenia!

We have made fascinating travel Bulgaria-Greece together with my son Sergey and Zorro. Zorro taked part in 4 exhibitions. And our results :4 CAC, 4 CACIB, 4 BOB, 4 BIG, 2 BIS!!!!!!

My lovely Zorro I wish Happy birthday! Zorro today is 3 years old! I wish health and a happy dog life! You the best, my Zorro!

Great event! On the 7-th of April beauty World Winner'2009 Aresvuma Desta Diara (Dedi) delivered first Zorro's children: 5 boys and 3 girls. More about ARESVUMA-T litter : http://aresvuma.ru

Results of Zorro with exhibition -A.AIB.BOB.BIG.
Cudya-Freddie Klindrup (Denmark)
Group judged Massimiliano Mannucci (Italy)

10 cacib-and my Zorro-Interchampion!